paul battaglia

VA Registered Architect # 0401 011982

Paul began his career as a site engineer in Northern Virginia where he learned the ropes of construction management.  These skills served him well as he transitioned to working at architecture firms as a project architect and project manager.  For nearly ten years in Richmond, Virginia he designed a variety of projects ranging from residential renovations and additions to large aviation, corporate and healthcare projects.  Paul brings his construction knowledge to every project.  He insists on quality control during all phases of the design process and knows first-hand how important it is to the final product.      

While he enjoys working on projects of all scales, he is perhaps most proud of the rehabilitation of 619 North 27th Street, a historically sensitive renovation of a single-family residence, executed with his wife, Laura, which received an award from the Alliance for the Conservation of Old Richmond Neighborhoods.

Paul Battaglia enjoys teaching as well - first at Virginia Tech and more recently at NC State's College of Design.  He has also taught at the NCSU Prague Institute, CZ.